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Our company

YAKI is an international textile company founded in Italy that specializes in the design and manufacturing of uniforms, workwear and footwear for over 15 years.

YAKI has been established in order to introduce innovations through unique designs and the use of innovative materials to create a brand recognized all over the world for its high quality.

Our long time expertise in the manufacturing field has led us to establish a company able to satisfy the clients needs with product quality and service. Thanks to these two factors, our company has developed in successfully tailor-making any type of product.

Our designers have become a reference point for leading international players and thanks to their creativity, each uniform is one of a kind.

We particularly specialize in logistics, large scale distribution, food service industry and facility management as our background and competences derive from decades of experience in these sectors.




We operate in industries where a large workforce is required

Large retailers
Oil & Gas
Food industry